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A World Full of Opportunities

Discover the lands of Anglo-Saxon England and part of Norway. Settle down and work as a villager in a village, trying to avoid the war, or strike out as a warrior, either defending England from the vikings, or helping the vikings invade England.

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If you wish to get to know the community of the mod, head to our forums, sign up and participate in discussions. Forums are a great way of building a friendly environment. On here, you can get help, make complaints, apply to be an admin and more.

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To keep the server running, and showing support to the staff team, donations are very much appreciated.

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The development team of Persistent Sagas:

  • Dobas (Manager, Coder & Scener)
  • Bhopa27 (Head Scener)
  • Jaakko (3D Modeler & Texturer)
  • Gonam (Artwork)
  • Reus (Web Developer & Administrator)
  • Preacher (Photoshop)
  • Borridian (Coder)

We would like to say thank you to the following people for their contributions and content they allowed us to use.

  • CHUR (For making Calradia in Darkness)
  • The Brytenwalda Team (For being so generous and let us use many useful things from their mod)
  • Vornne (For making the beauty that is Persistent World)
  • Wardruna (For their beautiful collection of norse music)

A special thank you to S0mebody, Danyele and Vikingr!

  • S0mebody has been a great help on many aspects of this project, and we could not have done this without his help.
  • Danyele, for without his help, the mod would not yet have seen the light of day.
  • Vikingr, for allowing us to use numerous resources. If you enjoy the Anglo-Saxon/Norse setting of this mod, but would like to experience a beautiful, graphically enhanced and solely combat-focused mod, check them out.

Does it sound like an adventure you'd want to participate in?

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